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Due to the same chemical structure, identical or very close matching colour shade and other important properties a large number of pigments can be replaced by Versal pigments.

The assortement VERSAL is formed by various chemical types and can be used in wide range of application in such as coatings, printing inks, plastics, fibres, particularly if special technical properties are required.

The most significant part of VERSAL pigments (High-Performance Pigments) is above all a provision of very good fastness to light and weathering heat resistance, fastness to solvents and chemical and due to these excellent properties can be used in the most demanding applications.

In this pattern card VERSAL pigments are illustrated and determined espically with respect for the plastic industry. VERSAL pigments are technically pure products distinguished by persistent colour qualities and controlled fastness properties. All VERSAL pigments are suitable for mutual combination.


Light fastness – Xenotest

  • Determined by CSN EN ISO 105-B02: 2000 (80 0147) and evaluated in 1/3 and ½ of standard depth and in full shade; by it degree 1 denotes the lowest fastness and degree 8 the highest one.

Fastness to plasticizers

  • Colouring of plasticizer (diethylhexylterephthalate) after 24 h at 20 C according to ISO grey scale is determined; degree 1 denotes the lowest fastness degree 5 the highest one.

Heat resistance

  • The values quoted indicate up to what temperature the pigments do not significantly alter, these are guide values which can be influence by the binder used and the period of xposure to high temperature (EN 12877-2).

Migration fastness

  • Assesmant of bleeding into a while polyvinylchloride sheet for 24 h at 70 C against ISO grey scale, by it degree 1 denotes the lowest fastness, degree 5 the highest one, no data means that the pigments is not recommended for dyeing PVC


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