Each application requires a specific paint formulation related to the performances expected, the application process and the esthetic effect.

Organic pigments are used to allow a good flow property for the paint. In addition, they are selected and used to achieve demanding paint properties. The paint must create the right color and opacity on the substrate and has to enhance the substrate’s resistance to the impact of environmental conditions.


Pigments produced destined for plastic dyeing are most appreciated by renowned producers of plastics from all over the world. They need bright colours, good stabilities and quality which they can rely on.

The technology used during the production pigments, predestines its usage  in the most challenging types of applications across  all sectors of industrial production and plastic dyeing.


Organic pigments give our printing inks a clearer, cleaner looking colour. Surface of pigment particle improving ripening pigment into grinding base during dispersion.

All production steps during synthesis of pigment are controlled. Thanks to this we can offer pigments with perfect application properties of shade, transparency, rheology, stability to chemicals  et al. Synthesia is placing  strong emphasis on environmental aspects and high purity of all its products.

Special Applications

All the stores of pigments developed in Synthesia are destined for various usages. Thanks to the adherence to production progresses the properties of all products on  pigments on all levels are of the same quality. 

Customers from various industrial branches will estimate the quality and properties of these pigments, and its widest usage.

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